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Son Guarachando at The Dome, Brighton

Son Guarachando is one of the top exponents of Cuban Son, Salsa, Cumbia, and Latin Music working in the UK today. SonGuarachando was founded by Luke Rattenbury, Eddie Myer, Adriana Lord and Juan Carlos Marin in 2009.


"They are fronted by vocalist Adriana Lord from Havana, Cuba who has been a leading force on the Havana scene for well over a decade having worked with the likes of William Vivanco, Robert Aaron (Wyclef Jean, David Bowie, Africa /Bambaataa), and Danny Rivera. Individually the band members have been at the apex of the Latin music scenes of Colombia, Spain, Cuba, and the U.K. Son Guarachando's wealth of experience, charismatic stage performance, and an exciting repertoire of Son, Salsa, Cumbia and Afro Cuban music never fails to get enthralled audiences onto the dance floor."

Banyan Tree Theatre Group Production "Little Wing"

Banyan Tree Theatre Group is an all-female BAME emerging theatre company from Brighton established in 2010. Originally known as MOSAIC Puppet Theatre Group, we became an independent organization in 2014. We arose out of a shared ambition to create an arts organization with a unique and independent identity that would bring BAME stories to wider young audiences. We collectively write our own scripts and music and make our own puppets, which all draw from the artistic repertoires of our diverse cultural heritage (British, American, Zambian, Sri Lankan, Nigerian, Indian, Jamaican, Cuban, St Kittitian).

Luna Playback London Theatre

Luna Playback London Theatre is a spontaneous theatre company based in London UK created by a group of Latin American artists and actors in 2011. 

Spontaneous Theater is a genre of  improvisational is unplanned and unscripted: created spontaneously by the performers. The dialogue, action, story, and characters are created collaboratively by the players as the improvisation unfolds in present time, without use of an already prepared, written script. Stories and sensations told by the audience are staged with the purpose of opening channels of reflection to create meanings based on the telling of a story, a memory, an emotion, or a feeling . The staging and the exchange try to erase the boundaries between the actors, the audience, the story itself, the director, the music. 

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